Finding Momentum

Farewell, Mr. Tang

I remember you most for your light-heartedness. I remember I used to play with you Sundays at Campbell and see you laughing, backpedaling from one side to another, sinking (most) your jumpers. The uptempo cut, a light-footed jumper, picking your way through lane traffic, and you’d be cracking another joke at Joe’s expense. In between games, you’d sit on the far bleachers and talk shop with the other HK dads.

Sometimes I catch myself these days thinking of you; miscellaneous memories of you teaching Sunday school to a crowd of rowdy fifth graders, or how you’d say something affectionate in a fatherly way to Joe to his embarrassment every time we showed up at your house to hang out. Though I didn’t know you well Mr. Tang, this much is true: things aren’t the same without you.