Finding Momentum

On the wrong side of the bed

This morning I woke on the wrong side of the bed, knowing full well I couldn’t go back to sleep in this heat. I was annoyed that it was already 7:15 and it was already too late to get to prayer, too early to go to the office, too late to go for a run and too late to go back to bed. So I hung around in a daze of sleep debt and wondered why it couldn’t be 10 degrees cooler, why I felt so tired. I tried to read scripture but just got annoyed at how good it was, how soggy my cereal was, and how I couldn’t concentrate and how far I felt from Jesus. I got mad at how guilty I’ve been feeling about it all–about what exactly?–I don’t know. My jaw is sore; I’ve been grinding my teeth in my sleep lately. It’s my wake-up call to the fact that I’m generally really stressed, but never really aware of it.