Finding Momentum

It felt like flying

I’ve been wont to complain about how it sucks to be doing my training in the gym. Ever since I tweaked my foot I’ve been feeling caged on the treadmill and elliptical machines. On the machines I can’t think about anything, it’s too stuffy and hot and I’m always dripping with sweat. I’m always staring at numbers, cursed numbers. It makes me remember how I hated running track in high school, and the unforgiving numbers that come with it.

On the flip side it’s been breathtaking getting out and realizing that I’ve been taking nature for granted. It’s a gift to have your mind wander. It’s a gift to roam over mossy earth. I ran out over the Oakland hills this morning to see a blanket of clouds glowing through the sunlight and pouring out over the hills into the Bay. I both wished I had my camera with me and was glad I didn’t.