Finding Momentum

Seasons' shift

I feel like seasons are changing, not just in the air but through my life. I’m outdoors more often, laughing more, more okay with things being stuck, or in-between, or just not formed yet.

The plantar fasciitis is still there, and not being able to run has been frustrating to say the least, but I’ve been enjoying bike rides and swims. Summer is in the air, and a part of me is stretching and yawning and settling in to it. One of my favorite feelings is being at home with friends on a warm evening with the windows open, full after a shared meal, listening to a George Strait song and chatting about whatever. Those nights I go to bed and think to myself, I’m happy. God is good. I have been given much.

I thought the same thing about my family… we Skyped for a bit last week and I wonder why I’m not more in touch with them more often when there’s clearly a lot of love between us. I have been given much. And this is kind of awkward because they all read this blog (hi Mom!).

Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy, said the psalmist, from autumn to winter to spring to summer.