Finding Momentum

Today was a good day

Channeling Ice Cube:

  • 94610 prayer walk with church community. Gary shared that doing these walks builds hope in us… helps us remember there’s hope for Oakland. Give us eyes and ears and a heart for the city and our neighborhood. And afterwards I bought a brioche knot + a pizza slice at Arizmendi and 2 peaches from the farmer’s market. Freakin good.

  • Did a 35-mile loop from Regen to Lake Chabot and back via Skyline with Eric and a friend. Nothing but godawful fatigue at the end. Came back and passed out for a good while.

  • Microwave TJ curry for dinner + a diet Coke someone left in the fridge. Amazing.

  • Sent Betty back with Kylan. Today I didn’t mind.

  • Cleaned bathrooms and the kitchen, and enjoyed the alone time. Thought a lot about how I’ve changed this year.

  • Sat out in the night air for a few minutes and just took it in.

I don’t know what it was about today but it just felt good. God’s been good to me.