Finding Momentum

Bits and pieces of orphaned conversations

My nephew, he’s the one in Afghanistan. Sometimes I wish I could take his place because if I go… (silence) it doesn’t matter.

Listen, I ain’t gonna lie about it. I’m an alcoholic. I don’t drink because I’m sad. I drink because I liiiiiiike drinking.

I don’t know if I can trust you anymore, man. You lost my trust.

Hey, can I get a flashlight? There’s someone behind these bushes.

You got a bite to eat? Listen man I just need a bite. Did I come too late? What time is it?

I been all around Oakland, and this is the safest place to be.

Get out. You can’t just come in here and help yourself to our food.

Is she breathing? Yes? Okay let me call the ambulance.

Listen man, I feel hurt I don’t know who’s making those accusations about me but I’m telling you I ain’t selling the food. It hurts me that they’re saying these things.

It’s Essie’s birthday today! (singing of birthday songs).

I told you not to sleep on these steps but I saw you here last night.

Me and her are gonna get married on the 14th.

Rico thinks he’s gonna die. I think he’s given up.

Rico’s been doing real well lately. I think he’s turning a corner.

Listen man can I say a prayer for us?